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PostHeaderIcon What do the Indians know?

I’ve been in Mumbai for several weeks teaching 3D camera skills to eager Indian filmmakers. It makes sense to me that 3D should find a welcome home here. After all the Bollywood sensibility of four-hour epics with abundant song and dance numbers lends itself perfectly to the 3D format. Unlike most of the rest of the world the cinema is alive and flourishing on the subcontinent, with regular movie attendance continuing to grow each year. It stands to reason therefore that those of us who love cinema should pay increased attention to what used to be strictly Indian fare. The finest technicians in the world are practicing and perfecting their craft daily here. Where are the filmmakers in the rest of the world honing their skills now? There are simply too few large-scale productions elsewhere to produce highly proficient shooters and storytellers. Is this the result of the “democratization” of the digital medium we’ve heard so much about?