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PostHeaderIcon The Spirit of Southeast Asia

This month I am leading a series of camera workshops in Kuala Lumpur and am duly impressed by the spirit of my students and overall level of media activity here.  While the mood in the US and UK can only be described as glum it is certainly not the case here where aspiring filmmakers and content creators of every type appear eager to learn the old cinematographer’s skills in combination with the new camera technologies.

In the coming months I will be venturing on to Hyderabad and Dhaka, where demand for skills and training is high. With four new television stations having come on line in Dhaka this year facility managers are hard pressed to find sufficient qualified workers to fill the available positions. No doubt the economic growth in Malaysia and throughout the SE Asia region is fueling the demand for media professionals but it is also an intrinsic yearning and high value placed on education in general in these societies that are playing a large role.

A stage show at Panasonic Showcase Malaysia artfully blends the traditions of regional dance and the latest display technologies. 13 December 2012.