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PostHeaderIcon Who Needs 4K?

NAB 2013 has come and gone and the prevailing themes this year were clear: cloud-based storage and collaboration and the advent of 4K acquisition. My question is who needs 4K?  If you’re shooting a movie destined for the big screen then 4K origination certainly makes sense along with use of the appropriate lenses and a lightly compressed recording format. Short of cinema applications and perhaps broadcast for cutting out multiple HD frames the point of 4K acquisition escapes me.

I expressed this perspective at a recent trade gathering of cinematographers and manufacturers and was roundly booed. My father who bathed extremely infrequently often questioned ‘why clean is better?’  I would like to offer the analogous thought for the vast majority of today’s shooters: Why is more resolution better? Why is 4K desirable?

Please tell me. I’d like to know.