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PostHeaderIcon What’s Really Important Is Not the Technical Crap

Then why the obsession with tech chatter in the many online forums? What is it about tech talk that we find so engaging and enthralling?

In the mid 1980s, the toy company Fisher-Price manufactured a 2-bit monochrome camera that recorded to an ordinary audio cassette. Pixelvision’s cryptic images continue to attract storytellers today, despite, or more accurately due to its obvious lack of technical sophistication. The fact is that stories work for different reasons, and can often be quite successful despite a lousy script, poor lighting, or even I shutter to say, bad camerawork.

Audiences can’t care less if you shoot your story on NXCAM, 35mm Cinemascope, or your iPhone.  No one walks out of a movie theatre and says, ‘Gee, that was a great movie but it was shot 4:2:0’.  So as you read this blog and perhaps glean something useful from it let’s keep all this tech talk in perspective.