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Some of you may be aware that I have a vague and passing interest in vintage English bicycles manufactured from 1935 to 1950. Respected makers like Raleigh, Rudge, Humber, and Sunbeam, ruled the roost during this era of petrol rationing prior to and for several years  after World War II.  These bicycles were not generally well chromed or even particularly well finished. They were not works of art to be admired on a wall in a museum but were in fact heavy utilitarian beasts to be used daily in all kinds of weather for the purpose of simple transportation. This morning in London many of these humble machines from decades ago once more saw the light of day for the annual London Tweed Run.   I can report that I was present and orgasmic for the entire 3.75 hours of this blessed event.

The Tweed Run London 17 May 2014

The Tweed Run London 17 May 2014

Guarding His Dad's Tandem

Guarding His Dad’s 1930s Era Tandem

Dogs In Basket 2

The Tweed Run accommodated rider of all ages and species.

Dutiful Woman 1

The Tweed Run attracted many couples.

Inflating Tire

The required attire did not seem particularly conducive to performing basic bicycle maintenance.

Jack Taylor

Getting married in 1930s Britain? For most couples this meant purchasing a tandem and hitting the road.


It’s difficult to imagine a more romantic setting for a young couple in love.

Not Traditional Tweed Garb 2

Some folks took some liberty with the event dress code.

God Save the King

A good motto indeed to live by in prewar Britain.

Tweed Riders Gather