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PostHeaderIcon Use Broad Lighting to Increase Three-Dimensionality

As filmmakers and directors of photography, we are constantly working to recreate the 3D world in a 2D medium. We use a variety of techniques to accomplish this, for example, by maximizing the use of linear perspective, and when blocking actors, by placing one slightly behind the other. For the same reason, when lighting scenes, we aim to maximize texture, by carefully crafting the direction and character of the light as manifested in the shadows and highlights. Broad lighting can also help foster the (usually) desired three-dimensional illusion, by imparting a natural wraparound texture, especially in the hair and side of the face of female talent. The Rosco LitePad Vector  CCT is particularly effective in this regard, given today’s ultra-sensitive, high dynamic range cameras.

The diminutive 8-inch x 8-inch LitePad is ruggedly manufactured and offers much better than average performance, especially in the tungsten wavelengths where many LEDs tend to struggle. The light’s output, while somewhat less than the larger, more common 1 x 1 units on the market, is ideal as a wraparound luminaire when shooting talking-heads, or in a dark car at night.

The LitePad Vector CCT LED is especially well-suited as a side or backlight for interviews and standups.


The Vector Litepad exhibits good red saturation produces very smooth skin tones, an imperative for shooters these days working exclusively with LED lighting.